Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Berlin Music Video Awards pt. 2

Now started to go trough all the rest candidates...there's lot of them. Found one pretty aweseome ones.

August Schram - "Metube (Habanera)"

And the same Schram singing in a bit different environment:

Trike - "Dance to trance"

Check them up at Bandcamp:

Sigur Rós - "Ekki múkk"

Sigur Rós - Ekki múkk from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.

This next one is bit tough to watch. Just so I say it..lets fight the cheeseburgers! Don't eat them while watching this one..

Vitalic - "Stamina"

Well, after seeing that this might not be so hmm, but it was the next cool video/song. Cupcake man dancing!

Hard Ton - "Food of love"

Light Asylum - "Skull Fuct"

This next guy has quite exceptional voice.

Truls - "Out of yourself"

Truls - Out of yourself from Mats Udd on Vimeo.

Really like this next one!
April was a passenger - "Red light romance"

I'm not a band - "Blister"

Moonbootica - "Iconic"

The Dirty honkers is in the competition with "Static" but didn't find the video and instead put this.

The dirty Honkers - "Bubble bath"

Sjukstugan - "Zig zag feat Skizz"

This is also bit tough one to watch.

Antoni Maiovvi - "Darkroom"

Antoni Maiovvi 'Darkroom' from Ryan Haysom on Vimeo.

Iggy Azalea - "Work"

Just saying a word before this song. Just prepare yourself mentally for something nuts. that's all.

Soerii & Poolek feat. Odett - "Pusszy"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Do you feel what I feel?

Really often nowdays I see that a lot of people can't anymore relate to what other people feel. They become emotionally numb in a way. This digitalism is two sided thing, it brings people closer or at least it should, while on the other hand it lets people stay in their own bubble the whole time! Have you seen those people who are dancing with their phones in the hand and chatting in FB at the same time? Have you ever counted in a bus how many people are busy with their phones. We are starting get too found of electronics around us.

Just think for a moment how the world would react if Facebook, Twitter, and the internet would go out of order for even just one day or even for a week?! I think it would cause huge huge "problems" to people. We would have millions of people who wouldn't know anymore what to do with their time. The electronics around us, especially tv kills most of the creativity and the worse, our imagination!

Why is it so that more further the years go, the more isolated we get with our electronic stuff? Also reading the news about the big solar bursts makes me wonder what would happen when a really strong solar burst would hit earth, there's a possibility that our electronics wouldn't be working for some time. Remember still how much the ash cloud from Iceland mixed up/stopped all the flights?

"For the past several years the sun had been quiet, almost too quiet. Part of that was the normal calm part of the sun’s 11-year cycle of activity. Last year, scientists started to speculate that the sun was going into an unusually quiet cycle that seems to happen maybe once a century or so.
Now that super-quiet cycle doesn’t seem as likely, Biesecker said."

Rex The Dog - "Do you feel what I feel?"

Do you feel what I feel?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Berlin Music Video Awards pt.1

Sometimes you have to wait longer for something good. I did or will actually. The Berlin music video awards will take place between 24th and 28th of April 2013. It's the first time ever this competition is held here. I saw only some of the participants, but you can check all of them at their homepage and find also links in their Facebook page.

You can buy tickets to the voting days to see all the music videos (which is my plan). Not so often you get the chance to see so many different and awesome music videos from a big screen!

They have all different kinds of videos competing. Some very beautiful, strange, awkward, cheesy or scary. I like how broad scale of videos there's going to be! Time to forget the "usual" music videos.

I'll just link some of the coolest ones I have seen so far. But there's going to be a second post for sure about the subject later on!

This had most intrigging (if that is the right word for it) voice I have heard for a while! Its the voice of the guitarist in the band called Joe Newman. I just love the sound of the voice of the singer. And the video is quite far from the usual if you watch carefully. Got many aww moments while watching this. Not gonna spoil any more than this. And the band is ∆  (the delta sign) but they have it pronounced Alt-j, which is the shortcut for delta sign in mac computers.

∆ - Alt-j - "Fitzpleasure"

Alt-j released their debut album "An Awesome wave" in 2012. Find them on Facebook:

Oh black and white video clips can be strange...and they don't need to be old to be black and white.
Bit Burial style.

"leave a light, leave a light on for me, I'll be home
 don't give up on me, please, leave a light"

Phon.o - "Leave a light on" feat. Tunde Olaniran

Phon.o is old friends with Apparat. Check more awesome stuff from him here:

Here's album medley of his album "Black boulder"

and read some of the some of the most fun way written artist bio:

This next one has some really really nice synths! A guy called Gerald.

A guy called Gerald -  "The Dip"
Check his Wiki and homepage(blog):

Listen also "Voodoo ray"

And SoundCloud:

And some cash, diamond rings and swimming pools..
DENA.. Love the positivity in this video. And love the video! Style in the fleamarkets!

Dena - "Cash, diamond rings, swimming pools"

Will the small toy bunnies take over the world together with teknology?

"-Go away, I'm no longer human.
 - We are all teknology.
 - Everyone?
 - Everything!"

"-Your child will live forever...
                                       a beuatiful machine.
      - Yay!"

Gelbart - "Tekno"

When go back from this uber individualism?

Individualism - "For God's sake"

Music video was done by a Dutch video producer group:

Get your ism's:
and have fun trying to find the homepage of this artist!
Njaah, let's not be mean: here's his SoundCloud:
I think it's the same one. NL presented!!

Did you like those coloring pictures where you had to first connect the dots?
I did!

Max Cooper Reconstruction - Michael Nyman - "Secrets, accusations & charges"

Modeselektor - "This feat. Thom Yorke"

Hand of Midas strikes in this video...

Mouse on Mars - "Polaroyced"

Mouse on Mars 'Polaroyced' - Directors Cut from Polynoid on Vimeo.

And something toootally different. Have you ever tried to put folio foil on your teeth? The coolest ganstas have chicken as their pets.

Otto von Schirach - "Salpica" Miami

Won't say anything from the last one. Just watch it. Listen in loud. Good night.

M83 - "Wait"

to be continued...