Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Nils Frahm - "For"

For what do we do things? Do we try to reach something, a goal, do we try to proof something to others with our deeds. For who? Why do you need to proof yourself. Do we need reasons to do things. Are they just happening to us. Are we always driven by something and what is it that drives us? Passion, hate, being afraid of something, acceptance of others, love.

"For" is bridge between things. It combines the reasons, goals and our actions. It pinpoints things.

Why we ask questions? Nowadays people aren't asking enough questions, they take so many things as just normal part of just how things are, self-evidence. We should ask more. Because with asking we go forward.

That's why I ask you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer - News

Summer. Sunshine. Weeks of rain and grey weather. Swimming in the lake in 17 C water. Seeing a duck with 14 little ones. Running. Picking berries in the forest. Training. Eating ice cream. Sauna.

Summer is short here. People have to enjoy it to the full before the Finnish winter of 5-6 months takes over.

Saw interesting things. Watched Olympics. Thought why they have so often horrible music in gymnastics and rythmic gymnastics. Listened some new stuff. Saw some new stuff. One was from Susanne Sundfør - The Silicon veil video got into air. Like how she is developing all the time with her music. She doesn't stay on one spot for too long. "Silicon veil" album is also such a different album from "Brothel".

Susanne Sundfør - "The silicon veil"

The Irrepressibles have been busy also with their album which is coming out in October! You can follow them easy for some new songs from the album here:

Soon something else new. Can you see the sky?