Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year 2013

While fireworks are already blasting on the streets in Rotterdam (They always start really early with them here) I want to wish everyone a special and fun New Year 2013! Don't want to go all bla bla about "do better things and wish more of this and that" for the next year. Do mistakes, learn, be sad, love and be happy if you feel like and mostly be kind!

It strangely feels still like 2000 was just some time ago, not 13 years ago.

Think about what will you do. Do with your year. Listen this song and think. It's a good thinking song.

Burial - "Rough Sleeper"

Thank You from 2012.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


A friend found this song. It's awesome. From a Swedish band Staygold.

I love the video. It's funny.

For all the people in The North!

We need to compensate the darkness of the winter with color in our clothes and in color! We need more color! Like some city in Sweden decided to put bright light lamps on the bus stops so while people wait usually in pitch black morning for the bus now they get already the first energy peak of the day at the stop. We need more color in North! We should announce a colormanifesto that will last until February! More color in the city! Now!

Staygold - "Wallpaper ft. Style of Eye, Pow"

Check their myspace:
And Facebook page:

Check their album "Rain on our parade"!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Omar Souleyman

Omar Souleyman is THE musician from Syria! He is awesome! Had the chance to see him couple years ago in Metropolis festival. I had never before heard syrian music and was mesmerized by the strange rythm and the keyboard effects. Was just great music to dance to! Even though didn't have slightest idea about what the songs were about!

He has done several albums and did also a cover of Björk's song "Crystalline".

It's also great music now when the winter is coming and some people are staying more inside. You need some extra energy pinch and this it it!

Omar Souleyman - "Leh jani"

Here's some cool videoclips of Souleyman playing at Glastonbury festival.

Omar Souleyman - Glastonbury festival

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Here's a link to Souleymans homepage:

I must admit that the remix of Crystalline is somehow bizar but at the same time cool.

Björk - "Crystalline" (Omar Souleyman remix)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

For all those who suffer from winter depression

I mostly love winter because of snow and sunshine in the beautiful icy days. Ice skating on the lakes and cross country skiing. But many people start to feel the deplation of sunshine. Daylight can be gone already around 16.00 o' clock. For all those people I warmly suggest listening this remix of Daniel Haaksman!

Friday, November 23, 2012


Still waiting for my copy of "Nude" to arrive from The Irrepressibles. Just listened the "Two men in love" which was before in the live concert year ago called "Prince" I like also the album version though it's quite different. I feel that the live version was more touching. But anyhow it stays as a very beautiful song!

Here is the live version from Amsterdam concert


And here are the beautiful lyrics to the song:

"If I asked you now, will you be my prince, will you lay down your armour and be with me forever...
When you open me all the power in me moves, how y
ou want to see all the depths of me real, when you open me, all the power in me moves, I feel real...

I love you

When I look into your eyes, there's a danger inside, when I see the edge I can never hide,
See me running, running, running...
To you, from you, to you...

There's a strange love inside, it's getting louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, and louder
There's a danger I can't hide, who I am, it's who I am, it's who I am, it's who I am...

I'm in love

( Gonna build you up gonna help you believe sunny! )

There's a strange love inside, it's getting louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, and louder
There's a danger I can't hide, it's who I am, it's who I am, it's who I am, it's who I am...


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sasha at Ministry of Sound

Came across to this in the morning in the™ at
Never too early for some good techno!
Enjoy! Check also his whole SoundCloud here:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rewire festival and 40 minute tidal darkness

I last year missed Rewire festival in Den Haag because was not in the country. This time I went to see the festival on Saturday mostly because of Deaf Center. Rewire festival is pretty new, this year it had its second edition. This is how the festival describes itself in one sentence:

"REWIRE is a small-scale, intimate festival for visual arts, new music and related arts."

I decided to visit the festival on Saturday, because it seemed like the most interesting festival day. Festival itself is a three day long event. One of the event places was a Seventh-Day Adventist church. I always tough that having dance or tekno parties in church is cool.  When I arrived I saw bit from Lotus Plaza which is from USA. They had some XX style, but all the vocals were mashed into one bundle of sound. It was almost impossible to hear the lyrics. For 15 minutes it was okay to listen, but then it felt like the note and the atmosphere stayed too much hanging in the same place. I think if I would like to see them once playing in a smaller bar or stage. I think there the sound and band would be better. They have bit this Sunday rainy day feeling in the songs. Haven't listened so much so won't judge any further.

Then I walked to Zeebelt which is a old power plant warehouse if I got it right now. I saw the performance of Kreng, from Belgium. Audience had sitting places. Kreng was quite positive surprise. He created soundscapes that could be fro a horror movie. There was some beautiful moments with strings, some beautiful vocals. The DJ stayed himself in the dark and the audience followed the short movie from the screen. It had some cool pictures like a room that is wallpapered with old newspapers. Some strange dancing and one really nasty bit when a guy was cutting his ear and part of his nose and lip, they have made it look way too real for me. In some moments it felt the best to follow the music with your eyes closed then you could wander in your own thoughts.


Oh and I just couldn't think anything else than Arvo Pärt when I heard this! Kreng has listened for sure his works!

Kreng - "Petit Grimoire"

Another beautiful and scary tune:

Kreng - "Wrak"

Kreng - "Balkop"

Check also Miasmah's SoundCloud for Kreng.
Check also Miashmah's other artists here:

After Kreng was Deaf Center. I was really looking forward seeing live! They opened with some dark sounds only little parts with piano. I though it was "Tidal darkness". Then it just kinda kept going on the same, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes...I had the feeling that the whole concert was only like the beginning part of Tidal Darkness of 40 minutes and they ended with "Time Spent". There was barely any clear parts with piano. I have to say I was quite disappointed! I still like the "Owl Splinters" album a lot but this time it didn't work live. Such a pity when I know what these guys can do and are very talented!
I got to talk with the a bit and got their autographs to my album cover! They were talking something of about working also for their solo stuff in the future so quite much looking forward for what it will bring!

Deaf Center - "Tidal Darkness"

Neither I didn't get to hear this beautiful song...

Deaf Center - "Animal Sacrifice"

Next on the list was the last bits of Palmbomen's concert from the Netherlands. This is what they told about the band at Rewire page:

"Using synths, 80s pop and 60s psychedelics, Dutch producer and dj Palmbomen goes analogue, performing with a fully equipped band. Experimental and contagiously poppy, the retro-freak gives away an astonishing show supported by neon lights and fuzzy sounds."

I think he was some of the biggest positive surprises in this festival even though I got to hear only couple songs from him. He had some great funny vocals and a beautiful lights flickering in the back!

Palmbomen - "Galore"

Palmbomen - "Moon Children"

Check here their MySpace:
Like Palmbomen in Facebook:

Then was time for Filosofische stilte. I really like his way of Dj'ing. He has so much energy and really presents his music to the audience. He had some awesome bit hip hop style beats. It never got boring. Pity that he had only so short time to play! I'm sure that he's going to be a big name in the future!

Just check his whole SoundCloud account:


Because Nosaj Thing had cancelled Lukid aka. Luke Blair too his place over. He had quite nice stuff! Bit more electronic.

Check here his other releases:
Here you can listen his album "Lonely at the top"


Then was time for Kangding Ray from France! He was also I could say the best tekno that was in the festival. Really awesome stuff! And great to see him live! I like it so much better when people are Dj'ing without computers. Then the music is so much more present! BIG LIKE! Highly recommended!

Check his homepage here:
And his SoundCloud:

After that was DJ+ from The Netherlands. He was also a positive surprise! Nice music and good vibe.
Here's a nice mix from him.

All together have to say that Rewire was quite nice! Too bad that there were some disappointments. And thought it would have been cool to have Kanding Ray and DJ+ playing in the bigger room. The Big church room felt bit cold (not cold cold but the atmosphere was bit too stable), I missed bit some kind of decos there, some color or something. And it was pity that so many people in the big room didn't dance so much. That's what I like in Perron that even though it's small people go there to dance and to have fun. This event felt bit more like that you come to just listen the music and chat with your friends.

But it's nice that during one night you can see so many different kind of things. Like from Deaf center to Kangding Ray. Thank you from the festival!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

ADE part 2

Went to Amsterdam. Went to OT301 to see Rangleklods, Knalpot, H-Sik and some other artists.
Knalpot was a nice surprise, I would call it improvisation of electronic music. Knalpot is a duo of two guys Gerri Jäger (drums) and Raphael Vanoli (guitar). It was nice hear so many different styles mashed into some half an hour set. Moshing to electronic music is a sentence that would describe the band the best. With lots of strange sounds in between and I saw the most pedals ever on the ground!


I was really waiting for H-Sik but it was a bit let down. But the best of the evening was Danish Rangleklods.  Just too bad that the guitarist couldn't come, but the singer Esben Andersen did amazing job with his singing and mixing all the stuff at the same time. They have just released their debut album "Beekeeper". Andersen's voice fits beautifully into the electronic sounds and creates amazing space where it all comes together. I was wondering for a moment really hard who's voice Andersen reminded me about.. it's little bit like Chris Isaak! He has also this really deep sound. But it reminds me also someone else who's name I can't remember. hahaa! It's Depeche Mode's singer Dave Gahan! Oke, let the sound to speak!

Rangleklods - "Riverbed"

Rangleklods - "Clouds"

Rnagkelods - "Cough"

Rangleklods - "Empty" (Live)

Depeche mode - "Enjoy the silence"

I have to admit that otherwise ADE was bit a let down. There are so many different places that it gets bit difficult to get a full picture of the stuff what are going around. Had the chance to see one nice mixing workshop where also Filosofische Stilte ( was mixing a song of one "more" famous artist who's name I didn't catch. Was fun to hear how after two hours work you could hear so different mixes of the same song.

But yea, ADE left bit mild feeling. Or could be also that I just chose bit wrong days to go there, maybe should have go to a rave evening on Friday. But now I can proudly say that PERRON @ Rotterdam kicks ADE's ass 10-0! Today Pan-Pot and Anja Schneider are playing so be there! It's going to be megasuperduperhyper awesome!

Pan-Pot - "Threesixty"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amsterdam Dance Event pt.1

Massive. Just massive. That's the word about this festival. Amsterdam Dance Event is the biggest electronic music festival. There are over 800 artists over the world performing in 75 clubs in five days! I had not heard before about this festival but it took me almost an hour just to browse the artists of one day trough! I highly recommend this festival! Some of the events are free and for some you have to pay something between 10-20e. I'm planning to attend this festival some day. I feel like I could move to Amsterdam just for five days to see all these artists! I was browsing trough Wednesday and found already some cool stuff! Here's some of it!

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - "Blutsbraeder"

Kollektiv Turmstrasse - "Grillen im Garten"

Rangleklods - "Clouds"

Rangleklods - "Young and dumb"

Karmon - "Wowshit"

Steve Bug - "Those Grooves"

Shlomi Aber - "Freakside"

Swanky tunes - "Their law"

Daddy's groove - "Turn the lights down"

H-SIK - "oOo rD Eye"

H-SIK - "Obsolete mind"

H-SIK - "You don't need a pair of shoes"

Davide Squilacce - "Pieces of you"

Victor Calderone And Nicole Moudaber - "The Journey Begins (Original Mix)"

Sinisa Tamamovic - "Tips and tricks"

Uto Karem - "Take Control"

It's unfortunately another RifRaf that is performing in ADE. Though this RiffRaff is also cool!

Riff Raff - "Jose Canseco"

"They figured I was bipolar the way I sipped that syrup and soda
Riff on them blades / Candy Marmalade"

Riff Raff - "Juice"

Some other fun song have titels like "Snow White and the seven grams" and
"They figured I worked for Mexico."

Andhim - "Walkmen"

Andhim - "Extragold"

Andhim - "Afrikadelle"

Andhim - "Aleefee"

This was only artists from Wednesday! There's even more! There's also daily DJ workshops. Check out more at the official festival webpage here:

Lets dance!

Friday, October 5, 2012

I have a trauma. Microtrauma.

Microtrauma is a duo of Daniel Päßler and Ricardo Linke. Microtrauma had its first release in 2007 "Wake up" and their own release soon after called "Collar EP". They make great music. Minimal is the way!

Microtrauma - "Input"

Microtrauma - "Monody"

Microtrauma - "Solitone"

Microtrauma - "Reflections"

More releases from Microtrauma:
And what is actually a microtrauma:
Check also the record label TRAUM for other cool artists:

They are playing in Amsterdam October 20th 2012 at Panama.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Millions and millions

It sometimes dazzles me to see how many millions of people have seen some video in YouTube. When you see 40 million under a movie clip it's just crazy to think about such a huge amount of people. And it becomes even crazier when you start to compare statistics of different countries. Thinking about the worlds population at the moment which is around 7 billion! So it's 7,000,000,000! And more than half of this amount is living only in Asia! There lives approx. 4.2 billion people which makes it over 60% of worlds population! And the worlds two most populated countries are China and India which make it together already 37% of worlds population!

"It is estimated that the world population reached one billion for the first time in 1804. It was another 123 years before it reached two billion in 1927, but it took only 33 years to reach three billion in 1960. Thereafter, the global population reached four billion in 1974, five billion in 1987, six billion in 1999 and, according to the United States Census Bureau, seven billion in March 2012"

I just keep wondering what is the population limit of the world? And when we will meet this limit?

On the most viewed videos in youtube are names like Eminem, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and the first on the list Justin Bieber with insane number like 784,116,140! I wonder when first video is braking 1 billion line! And now I would like to do some statistics of my own. We have 5,417,098 million people living in Finland. We would need approximately 144,75 Finlands to watch the "Baby" by Justin Bieber to make up to the same numbers. Now let's count how much time (youtube) world has spent listening and watching the video "Baby" 2,705,200,683 minutes which makes it roughly 45,086,678 hours and it makes 5143,4 years! Everyone counted (from this one video from Youtube) the world has been listening Justin Bieber "Baby" for 5143,4 years all together!

It shows how immense power we could have if we stood together for something. We are not small, we have voice, but so many people have forgotten to use it. Can you imagine what could happen if this amount of minutes that people have been spending on watching Justin Biebers "Baby" would invest it into fighting for equality, compassion, taking care of each others? Lets have a imaginary play; what would happen if this "Bieber army" would stand against the war in Syria to end it? Or what if they would all stand for solar power and against drilling oil? Or to stand against bullying? It's crazy to think that only this "Bieber army" could end wars, to save actually peoples lives, to bring up subjects that need to be talked about, but I believe that it's possible.

It's also crazy to think how fast things can become such huge phenomenons in such a short time. Person who had lost his camera in Finland found it accidently when reading post in America from reddit only after 20 hours that a Finnish cop had put some pictures from the camera into social media!

How the muslim parody video made it into news all over the world in such fast time and rised so much talk (and ended up into people getting killed) in such a short time compared to the Syrian civil war that has been going on already more than a year. It started 15.3.2011 when public protests took place demanding the end of Ba'ath party rule and resigning of President Bashar al-Assad. And UN can't still make anything to it, and big countries like Russia and China don't accept intervention and were against international sanctions.

It's crazy how the media attention is spread nowadays. People tend to forget actual facts when some channels are bombing only news that are colored by "who founds what" and where the money comes from. What we need more than anything in the media now is debate and criticism. Don't believe straight everything what people are pushing to you. There's mostly always someones benefits behind. The actual amount of free speech and debate towards mainstream media is less in United States of America that it is in Russia I would  dare to bet! We need people who are ready to take steps to write and send letters, make calls to their representatives, demand equality at schools. We need to re-figure out so many things. We have been enough  long stuck and it's time for a change!

Here are some interesting links:

                                                      Ellie Goulding - "Anything could happen" 

Balam Acab - "Expect"

Monday, October 1, 2012

Beautiful mind

This is my first only text post. I wrote the text already about half a year ago. Thought to share it here. Comments and thoughts are always welcome! Copyright belongs to me, if you want to quote something from the text please remember to note the original source.

Text: R. Hämäläinen

Being around  

Mind is mysterious. We claim to know so much, but we know so little about our minds, ourselves, what really makes us what we are.

Can a person with a mental illness have a beautiful mind? I believe so. Our mind is sometimes our safe heaven, from all the things. But it can be also a trap. Endless labyrinth that you need to find your way, not necessarily out, but your own way. Making your own decisions.

I don’t like when people claim to be so ZEN while forgetting the world around them. I find it as one bad excuse! We are here with so many people around us, and so many of us not feeling good. We should take care of each others, use the universal social healthcare that is free to us; help, compassion. We should remember to use it! Remember the compassion towards each others. To give.

It’s important to be okay with yourself because that’s the point where everything starts from. You have to accept yourself. It’s good to have piece of mind, but you should not get stuck to it and forget the outside world for too long. Then it would be just ignorance!

At this time so many people have serious mental health problems and issues that could have been prevented with this free social health care called taking care from others. Talking with the people. Sharing feelings. Because at the end of the day we just want to be happy. And I hear so often this sentence “I will be happy when…” Why we can’t just be happy at the present moment? Why should we wait with such a thing? Why happiness is thought being bound into something when it is not material. Happiness is an emotion, feeling!

It makes me sometimes sick to see how many people are suffering around us, not happy and sick. And so many people are just watching.

We medicate our brains out with things that should not belong into our body. We medicate ourselves to forget, to fit into something else, instead of to feel things! Medication is only a short time solution, it doesn’t solve our problems. The solution comes from somewhere deeper, from ourselves. But we can always ask help. And we should understand that asking help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of development and power inside us; we want to go further instead of just being at the same point. It feels still hard up to date, but we are learning.

We should also learn that doing mistakes is okay. That’s way to learn. How many people you hear nowadays talking about their mistakes? Not so many! Everybody just wants to aim for perfection and goes around boasting how perfect they are! Where is the humbleness of people? The world is neither perfect and it never can’t or won’t be, so why do we try to demand it from our selves? Why we run around trying to prove it to other people? It doesn’t make any sense.

We should be true to ourselves and watch ourselves from the mirror and see how we could change things and our own actions because that’s the only way of going truly forward.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mohn and "Words and thoughts in RGB"

Did you know that all babies are color bind until they are around 4 months old? Do you ever think that someone might see the color that you see differently? Do you know that there was no word for orange in the Middle-Age?

"Words and thoughts in RGB" by Eduardo Morais.


"MOHN is Burger/Voigt's new project (Jörg Burger and Wolfgang Voigt)

MOHN is extremely decelerated, slow motion techno with and without bass drum, containing lots of plasticiser

MOHN is slow, sublime, sombre music, fusing different ambient styles to one new one

MOHN LIVE primarily is a non-stop concert-lecture for a seated audience (theatre), but it also works standing up(shoegaze, ambientbounce, ambientgrunge,...)

MOHN comes at a scale of 16:9

MOHN is opium for the people

Lets MOHN together"

Mohn - "Eberplatz 2020"

Mohn - "Saturn"

"Roses are red and violets are blue..."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pilvi Takala - The real Snow White

"Pilvi Takala (*1981 in Helsinki) deals with the constitutions and limits of social groups and communities. Her videos, books, and installations are based on interventions in (semi-)public spaces, and this first monograph documents most of her work since 2005."

She has most brilliant ideas in her videos. Like in Wallflower waiting in a Finnish dancing hall if someone would come to pick her up, for the whole evening. As a trainee in a company doing thinking work without the computer or driving the whole day in an elevator. Or going with two other women into a Turkish tearoom. Or building castles of 1 and 2 euro coins. What happens when Snow White tries to enter to Disney world?

Watch the videos for more info. They are awesome. Check the webpage for all of them.

Women in Kahves (2005)

Easy rider (2006)

Wallflower (2006)

The shining shining (2007)

The trainee (2008)

The angels (2008)

The real Snow White (2009)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

From the North

Nordic countries have a special atmosphere. We have certain way of understanding others. We know how to survive from the dark winters. I think in most Nordic music you can see and feel the fact that we have so little sun light almost half of the year. I think that's why there's so many metal fans in Finland and in Scandinavia. But especially the electronic music scene is something quite unique in Finland. And so long all the Icelandic composers who's music I have been listening to have something very common. The compositions and the atmospheres of the music are so fragile and at the same time beautiful. It's not easy listening. It demands concentration from the listener. It brings you into the darkness of the winter of the North but then reveals also the light. It's very confronting and honest music. How is the Nordic mentality too.

I love the the honesty of people in the North, you don't need to pretend to be happy or something else if you don't feel like it. Where in some Mid-Europe countries you always see this phenomena of people trying to play the hard guy, something else or just trying to keep up the smile. I hope these both groups could learn things from each others. To give the peace to people to be alone if they need to be but also to be able to show the joy if they feel happy. To be able to be honest towards others. To show the care towards others around you.

I found two to me new Icelandic composers. Daníel Bjarnason released his debut album "Processions" (2010). He is a composer but also a conductor and has worked with London Sinfonietta, Icelandic Opera and Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. He has had collaborations with bands like Sigur Rós, Efterklang and Múm just name some. In 2011 Bjarnason collaborated with Ben Frost and together they created the album "Sólaris". Here you can listen two songs from this album:

Here you can watch the teaser of Sólaris:

Frost and Bjarnason are performing Sólaris together with the Sinfonietta Cracovia at Todaysart festival in Den Haag 21.9 20.00-21.00 o'clock. You can check for more info about the concert here:

But if you don't have the chance to go to see it yourself you can reserve a virtual seat for the concert via here: Reservations are free but limited to 200, so be fast!

Daníel Bjarnason - "Reyja"

Check here the MySpace page of Bjarnason:

Another Icelandic composer and sound artist I found is Bjarni Gunnarsson. He is currently living in Den Haag in the Netherlands. He's music is more abstract, rough and sometimes I could say, scary.

See more info about him here:

Album video for "Dried up".


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lewis Hine

Lewis Hine (1874-1940) was an American photographer who used photography as a tool to bring out the social problems of the society, to make a change. He took photos of child labor in USA, immigrants for searching better live overseas and steel workers, building Empire state building. The famous picture with the workers of Empire state building sitting on a steel bar is also by Hine.

Self portrait of Lewis Hine

I got the chance to see the exhibition of Lewis Hines pictures in Nederlands Fotomuseum. There were so many really stopping pictures. There's so much feeling in the photos. Stories of child laborers, a newspaper boy that is sleeping on the stairway, a small boy that is picking cotton. A small baby in front of the "temporary home for colored children".

Here's just some of the photos. Rights belong to their respective owners.

"Little spinner girl in Globe cotton mill"

"Shrimp and oyster worker" (1911)

"I wanted to show the things that had to be corrected;
I wanted to show the things that had to be appreciated."
- Lewis Hine

"Underprivileged child at Hull House" (1920)

"A sleeping newsboy" (1912)

"Candy worker" (1925)

"Rockefeller Center Construction Site, c. 1930"

"Photography can light-up darkness and expose ignorance."
- Lewis Hine

"The girl works all day in a cannery." (1911)

This was the most stopping picture of the whole exhibition. Too bad I couldn't find any better version of the picture from the internet. In the white board it says "temporary home for colored children"

Learn more about Lewis Hine: